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Hi there! I'm Thomas, the founder of Nomad Gate!

With Nomad Gate my goal is to build a repository of helpful knowledge, both in the form of in-depth articles and a thriving community where we can all help each other out.

Over the past decade I have lived in 10+ countries and traveled to about 60. For the past 6 years I've been completely location-independent. During that time I have picked up more and more tips and tricks for how to make the life of a global citizen more streamlined, enjoyable, and rewarding.

I also have a tendency to dive really deep into any topic that catch my interest, which I think you can see in many of my articles. My goal is to take concepts that seem complex and confusing from the outside and distill them down to the essentials so it's easy to understand and implement.

Ever since I was very young, I've had a hacker's mindset: Looking for hidden patterns, questioning conventional wisdom, and exploring the limits of what is possible.

Couple this with my (perhaps unhealthy) interest in things that most people find boring, such as international banking and taxation—and my personal experience as a nomad and expat—and you get what I hope is a range of insights and tricks relevant to a wider audience.

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