If you are interested in qualifying for the Greek Golden Visa by purchasing a property, you may find it challenging to identify investment opportunities that still qualify.

We’ve collected property developments from across Greece that qualifies for the Golden Visa in this directory.

We’ll do our best to keep this page updated as old projects get sold out and new projects launch. If you know of any promising developments, please let us know.

Corfu 4-star Resort

An existing hotel in Corfu, Greece that Mercan will convert into a 4-star international brand resort. There will be 100 rooms added to currently 180 rooms by the end of 2026.

Investment Amount: €250,000 (until Aug 31, 2024) Β· Exit: Guaranteed lease back after year 10 Β· Annual Income: 4% up to 5 years, from year 6 variable 3-5%

Here are a few other resources that may come in handy in your Greek Golden Visa process: