⚠️ Important update: Since late 2023, only investments into funds that do not invest in real estate (directly or indirectly) still qualify for the Golden Visa. Since it’s still unclear exactly where the line will be drawn, please make sure to get legal advice if considering a fund that’s somewhat related to real estate.

Fund investments have become an increasingly popular route to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa. Starting in late 2023, it will likely become the by far most popular investment option as the long-time favorite real estate option is being phased out.

On this page you’ll find some of the most popular funds available. Note that funds that directly or indirectly invest in real estate will also no longer qualify starting in the fall of 2023. Keep this in mind when selecting your investment.

Currently, we are listing 29 available funds (before the GV rules change). Not all of these will qualify in 2024 onwards.

Here are some of the more popular funds which are also likely to continue qualifying going forward:

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