Over the years I’ve put together a few simple tools that I hope are useful to at least some of Nomad Gate’s readers.

Here’s the list:

Look up any area in Portugal to check what kind of Golden Visa investment is eligible there
Look up any address or town in Portugal to find out what sort of Golden Visa property investment can be made there and at what minimum investment.

Since the changes to the Portuguese Golden Visa program in 2022, residential real estate investments are only eligible for the Golden Visa in some areas of Portugal. This tool lets you enter any address or town and it’ll let you know the rules for that area. In addition it’ll show you the minimum investments for regular properties and qualifying refurbishment projects.

Go to the Golden Visa Property Area search

Retirement Savings Calculator

Calculate your own retirement savings plan
Calculate your own retirement savings plan with Nomad Gate's free Retirement Savings Calculator.

This calculator will help you forecast how much money you’ll have during retirement. You can vary a range of assumptions, such as income, savings rate, return on investments, retirement age, and much more.

For additional background, read The Ultimate Retirement Savings Guide for Expats & Nomads.

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Phone forwarding XML generator

Virtual phone forwarder XML generator
Generate the needed XML to forward a number using Twilio or Plivo.

This simple tool is useful if you want to use a service like Twilio or Plivo to forward a virtual number to your phone. Simply enter your phone number as part of the URL and the needed XML is automatically generated. Add the URL in your Plivo or Twilio dashboard.

Example: If your phone number is +1 (415) 123-000, the URL should be https://phone.nomadgate.com/forward?to=14151230000.

For additional background, read How to Build Your Own Virtual Phone in Minutes.

Go to the Phone Forwarding XML Generator

Exchange Rate Markup Calculator

FX markup calculator
Check if you're getting a good deal or are being ripped off on your currency exchange.

This simple tool will help you calculate the exchange rate markup provided by banks or other currency exchange services.

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