If you haven’t already, please submit your family’s own Golden Visa timeline here:

View crowdsourced timelines

You’ll find several ways of viewing the data that has been crowdsourced from the community.

Note: Many of the views don’t work well or at all on mobile. For the best results, please use a desktop computer.

Grid/spreadsheet views

The main view includes the major milestones for each application, and filters out timelines where there has been no updates in a long time.

In addition to not filtering out stale applications, the detailed view also contains information about lawsuits.

Note: Grid views show as cards on mobile. To see the actual grid view, please use a desktop computer.

Timeline views

Timeline views give a visual representation of how long the process has been taking over time

Calendar views

The calendar view shows the reported dates for pre-approval, biometrics appointments, and final approvals.