Exclusive deals for Nomad Gate members (March, 2023)

I will use this page as a place to collect and share good deals on products and services that are relevant to digital nomads. Some of these deals are exclusive to the readers of Nomad Gate, but if I come over other great deals I'll include those, too.

If you want to offer a discount on your product or service to the Nomad Gate community, or just happened to come across a great and relevant deal, let me know.

Taxes for Expats

Solid and affordable tax preparation services for Americans living or traveling abroad. Just check out their TrustPilot ratings.

Offer: $25 off their US tax preparation service.
How to claim: Enter the code "NOMADS" during the checkout/registration process


Outsite is a network of combined coliving and coworking spaces around the world. You can stay for a few days or a few months.

Offer: Get $50 credit towards your first stay anywhere in the world. To activate the offer, sign up using this link.


The easiest way to find shared living spaces filled with interesting people from all around the world. Perfect for slow travelers who love to make deep connections wherever they go.

Offer: Get up to $50 off your first stay by signing up with this link today.

Charles Schwab

The ultimate checking account for travelers from the US. No fees for regular use, no FX fees, and they even refund ATM fees worldwide.

Offer: Get $100-$500 deposited in your account after opening (opening the account is free, minimum deposit $1,000 to get bonus)—click here to access the deal.


One of the best money transfer services, with a twist. Quite comparable to Wise, so sign up for both and use the one that have the best offer for your specific transfer.

Offer: Get three free currency transfers. To activate the offer, simply click here, click 'Sign Up'


All your cards in one. Save space in your wallet and money on FX fees and ATM withdrawals.

Offer: Get £5 when opening a (free) Curve account.
How to claim: Enter the code "NOMAD" during the checkout/registration process


A solid VPN, with lots of servers worldwide. And at a price that is hard to beat.

Offer: Get 50% off any VPN subscription, for life.
How to claim: Enter the code "NOMAD" during the checkout/registration process