Perhaps a bit surprisingly, N26 announced that they will leave the UK in the wake of Brexit. Apparently, it wasn’t worth dealing with the resulting complications to keep their 200,000 British customers.

If you’re a current customer of N26 in the UK (meaning you have an account denominated in GBP with them), you have until April 15 to move your money elsewhere.

If you fail to do so the remaining funds will be transferred to a holding account. So it’s better to cash out in time to avoid temporarily losing access to your money. Check out this FAQ put together by N26 to find answers to all your questions.

N26 alternatives

So what to do next?

If you prefer having a UK based account, you should consider some of N26’s competitors in the United Kingdom:

If you still want an account with N26 you’ll need access to an address in another country where N26 operates. If you have that, learn how to open an EUR account with N26 today.

Are there any options I missed? Leave them in the comments!

Cover image credit: N26 Bank