One of the best ways to learn about the Portuguese Golden Visa and the various investment options—from investment funds to real estate investments—is to join a webinar hosted by one of Nomad Gate’s partners.

It’s free to join, and there are zero commitments. You can also request recordings of select past webinars.

Upcoming webinars 📺

Nomad Gate will continue co-hosting several webinars throughout 2021. To be notified when new webinars are scheduled, please click this button:

Past webinars 📼

Property Finder Portugal — July 27, 2021

Topic: Portugal’s D7 vs Golden Visa - which one to apply for?

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Portugal Gateway — July 15, 2021

Topic: How to Evaluate and Choose an Investment Fund

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Pela Terra — July 6, 2021

Topic: Pela Terra Farmland: A Golden Visa fund with Purpose

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Lince Capital — June 9, 2021

Topic: Golden Visa through professional investments in real estate or R&D, or diversifying into both

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Impacto Fund — April 15, 2021

Topic: A fund optimized for capital preservation

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Mercan Group — March 31, 2021

Topic: Analysis of the Portuguese Golden Visa changes and hotel investments

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CGA Portugal — March 24, 2021

Topic: Mixing Portuguese Citizenship with healthy U.S. Returns

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OptylonKrea — February 25, 2021

Topic: Golden Visa Funds: How to Pick The Correct One?

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OptylonKrea — February 18, 2021

Topic: The Next Big Thing: Branded residences for Golden Visa investment

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Mercan Group — October 19, 2020

Topic: Can you still invest in Lisbon & Porto?

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Portugal Opportunities Fund — October 15, 2020

Topic: The path to the Portuguese Golden Visa in the age of travel restrictions

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BlueCrow Capital — September 15, 2020

Topics: The present state of real estate investments during the Covid-19 pandemic, alternatives for yield and valuation

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Rock Capital — August 26, 2020

Topics: The post-COVID real estate market in Lisbon and the benefits of investing in a real estate investment fund

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Mercan Group — July 8, 2020

Topic: The status of the proposed 2020 Golden Visa law changes, investing in Portuguese real estate during the pandemic

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OptylonKrea — May 21, 2020

Topic: Investing in Portugal post-COVID through an investment fund

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