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Hi there, I’m Luis, a contributor to Nomad Gate!

I have more than 30 years business experience and have lived in 9 countries (including the USA, UK, and Brazil) and worked in more than 30 markets around the globe. With several years as CEO of international consulting and technology companies, I have extensive experience in the internationalization of businesses, am a specialist in emerging markets and in businesses operating in multiple regions, and have a strong understanding of cultural and regional nuances.

With almost 20 years of experience in international real estate markets as an investor and consultant, my focus during the last decade has been on senior or retirement living.

I am the founder and Director of Senior Living Villages, a UK-based company dealing with fixed-income investment opportunities in the retirement sector in the UK, and co-founder and Director of Portugal Senior Living and Costa Senior Living, the business’s brands providing a broad range of solutions to the retiree/senior (50+) market in Portugal and Spain.

My expertise spans a range of subjects affecting international retirement migration, including real estate, residency visas such as Golden Visas, climate, languages, tax, health, with the unique ability to comment on differences between different markets.

Portugal Senior Living

Algarve Senior Living and Portugal Senior Living, both our brands, provide comprehensive solutions for the senior expatriate market, with a strong emphasis on the Algarve, as well as the Lisbon/Cascais/Estoril area.

We are a full-service solution provider for the senior market, and the only company to offer long-term rentals (winters, full-year and 1 or 2 month “discovery” or try-before-you-decide stays) as well as properties for sale. Through our network of real estate partners, we have a national reach including Porto and the North, as well as inland provinces.

We have extensive experience in assisting EU and non-EU clients with researching Portugal as a retirement or investment destination, and helping them make the move (accommodation, settling in, etc). We also have experience in assisting with the Golden Visa process, which is a way of obtaining the right of residency via real estate purchase. Our real estate Golden Visa offerings start as low as €280,000.

EU citizens can of course move freely to Portugal, although for UK citizens this automatic right will end after Brexit (the terms of which remain largely unclear). We also support many applicants with obtaining the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) status which entitles eligible applicants to receive most foreign income (including many pensions) tax-free for a period of 10 years. This applies to any person with the right to residency and who spends at least 6 months in Portugal.

Our approach is very personalized and our preference is to represent the buyer in a transaction, on a mutually exclusive basis. The advantages of this are substantial for those who are researching the market for the first time or are located in distant markets and need a reliable partner who has their interests, and not those of the seller at heart.

Special offer for Nomad Gate readers

For anyone contacting us through Nomad Gate, we provide a 20% discount off our greater Lisbon or Algarve Discovery Tours. If you purchase a property through our company, we will even refund the cost of the tour!

To get help planning your retirement and/or real estate investment in Portugal, click this button:

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