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Hi, there! I’m Hanna, dealing with partnerships and investor relations here at Nomad Gate.

I have always been a nomad at heart—traveled to 50 countries and lived in 5 so far. My first-ever longer trip was one month of hitchhiking through Europe, which took me to Portugal. I instantly loved it, and I was blown away by the friendly people, landscapes, and architecture. Now, many years later, I’m writing this introduction from beautiful Lisbon.

I have an MBA, and I’ve tried the corporate banking (formerly also IT, HR, and wine retail) world. But I feel like a bird in a cage, having to go to the same office for more than a few months. I’m now enjoying the sweet freedom of location-independent life.

I’m enthusiastic about personal finance for global citizens like myself, including finding the best international bank accounts, brokers, and tax solutions. I have used Wise since 2011, when it was only a year old, and kicked off in the stock market the same year. In recent years I have been very interested in FI and FIRE movements, and on top of equities started investing in loans through P2P platforms.

Before Nomad Gate, I was managing a portfolio of Gold clients and larger companies in a bank. I also acted as an investment advisor inspiring customers (and often my colleagues) to take their first steps in the financial markets. For more experienced investors, I was there to help them with their questions and strategy. I became the go-to person among my co-workers whenever they got stuck with inquiries about investing or taxes, they couldn’t answer. The bunch of finance/investing books I have gone through for fun really became handy sometimes.

Thanks to living in different countries, working in the banking sector, and personal interest—I have acquired useful knowledge that I can now also share with our readers.

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