Whatever your thoughts are on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, one thing is certain: It’s a great time to secure great deals on great products and services that you actually need.

But since it’s easy to be overwhelmed at all the offers popping up in your inbox and social media feeds, I figured we could all share the best deals we’ve come across, with a special focus on the needs of digital nomads, PTs, remote workers and other location-independent people.

I’ll make sure this posts is updated with the deals you share below.

Coworking / Coliving 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Croissant 🥐

40% off addon packs until Dec 1, $/€15 credit for new signups + free trial.

Croissant is one of my most used apps—I work from home a lot, but often I prefer getting a desk at a coworking space for a few hours or a day. Through a simple membership you have access to hundreds of spaces across nearly 100 cities around the world. You pay per the minute you’re checked in. Pricing depends on which city you choose as your home city, but you can still use all the spaces worldwide. I signed up while in Lisbon, and I pay €149 for the largest package (120 hours per month, plus 20 “guest hours”) or €19 for the smallest (10 hours per month). My favorite feature is that the hours you don’t use one month “roll over” for up to 6 months, so I normally get the largest package one month, then downgrade to the smallest for a few months until I’ve used up all the hours.

TIP: The hours you get in the free trial also roll over, so definitely pick the largest package, then downgrade to a smaller one before the 7 days are up. You can also pause your membership at anytime for up to 90 days.

Use my referral code THOMAS40 when signing up to get a 7 day free trial, then €/$15 off your first full month. Max out your trial (largest plan of 120 hours), then switch to the smallest plan (10 hours) and you’ll have 130 hours of coworking for 37 days (or longer if you pause the membership e.g. over the holidays) for a total of €4 when using my code!

Join Croissant

Hacker Paradise 🏖

30% off all trips if you apply during the Black Friday weekend.

Hacker Paradise was one of the first (and most successful) programs that let people dip their toes into the whole remote work/digital nomad/location-independent lifestyle. They offer loads of trips you can join across the world, and you can stay with the program anywhere from 2 weeks to 12+ months. As they say: Work hard. Travel hard.

Find your Hacker Paradise trip

Banking/Fintech 💸

Revolut Premium 💰

Get 30% off a yearly Premium membership until Dec 2.

Are you already using Revolut’s popular travel card, or perhaps you use them for international money transfers? Well, then you can just upgrade to a yearly Premium plan in the app (tap Upgrade, then Premium) this weekend to take advantage.

New users need to download the app and register first, then click Upgrade within the app to take advantage of the offer.

Learn about PremiumGet free Revolut card (then upgrade)

Revolut Business 🏦

Get €50 for signing up for Revolut Business.

Together with Wise for Business, Revolut Business is one of the easiest online banking solutions for your (for now) EU based business. It also comes with low-cost currency conversion and a multi-currency account. This offer is valid until November 30, 2019.

Learn about Revolut BusinessGet Revolut Business & €50 credit

Curve 💳

Only for current customers: Have a least one transaction with your Curve card on Black Friday, and win up to £1,000 in Curve Cash.

Curve, the company that puts all your cards in one, is giving out a total of £15,000 to their users today, so if you already have the card then make sure you use it at least once today to enter the contest. If you don’t already have Curve, you can read more about why I really like the product and why it’s my primary card. As a bonus, you’ll get £5 using the code NOMAD if you sign up.

Learn about the contestGet the Curve card & £5

I haven’t come across more deals in this category yet, but do let me know if you know about any!

Software & Business 💼

AppSumo 💥

For Black Friday they are bringing back some of their most popular deals of the year, including Depositphotos, Sociamonials, HeySummit, and 7 more.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Appsumo is a fantastic platform bringing several high quality “lifetime deals” (typically for $39, $49 or $79) for business software and services that often cost thousands of dollars per year. They have a fantaistic 60 days unconditional return policy, so you’re free to buy an app, test drive it for a month or two, then ask for a refund (with a click of a button) if you don’t think it’s worth keeping around.

The deals are live from November 25 until December 2 for AppSumo Plus members, and for the rest of us only on Black Friday. Sign up today to make sure you don’t miss out on Friday as the deals can run out quickly.

UPDATE: The DepositPhotos deal is still live for everyone (the other deals are now only for AppSumo Plus members), so click here if you want 100 stock photo credits that never expire for $49.

See the AppSumo BF deals

Setapp 💻

20% off 12 months (via gift card) until Cyber Monday.

If you’re a Mac user this is probably one of the best investments you can make. In short it’s kindof like “Netflix for Premium Mac Apps”, a subscription that gives you access to more than 160 of the best paid Mac apps—for free!

I’ve been a Setapp user for a bit over a year, and I have saved a ton of money already. For almost any need that I’ve had over the past year I’ve found a super useful app in their catalogue—often the best app available for the purpose for Mac. Here are some examples of apps that I use regularly and what they would cost (for a single device) without the Setapp subscription:

  • PDFpen ($80)
  • CleanMyMac (€40/year)
  • ProWritingAid (€70/year)
  • MoneyWiz Premium (€30/year)
  • Gemini (€20/year)
  • PixelSnap ($39)
  • ChronoSync Express ($25)
  • Plus a bunch of cheaper utilities: Archiver (€20), Downie ($20), Permute ($15), Endurance ($20), Bartender ($15), Expressions ($8), Flume ($20), Paste ($15), Get Backup PRO ($20), Renamer ($20), Rocket Typist (€10), Sip ($10/year), TripMode (€8), etc

And you can use your Setapp subscription on two Macs (e.g. work + home, or your + a partner/friend), and you always have the latest version of all the apps, so no need to pay for upgrades when new versions come out. Just CleanMyMac for 2 Macs cost €80/year so that alone almost pays for the whole subscription.

Note that to take advantage of this deal you’ll have to buy a giftcard and send it to yourself.

See all available appsClaim the Setapp deal

Pixelmator 📸

Pixelmator Pro (for MacOS) is 25% off until December 3rd, and Pixelmator Photo is free for 24 hours until November 27, 9 am EST [expired].

My preferred Photoshop alternative on MacOS, with loads of powerful features, including lots of “machine learning powered” editing tools.

Get Pixelmator Pro

Adobe Creative Cloud 🎨

Adobe is offering their Creative Cloud All Apps plan for 40% off until December 5.

If you use several Adobe apps regularly, don’t miss this one! Unfortunately no discounts on the cheaper photography plans.

Get Adobe Creative Cloud

Nifty 👩‍💼

Get 40% off monthly plans for 4 months, 20% off yearly + 2 free months.

You may not have heard about Nifty yet, but it’s something akin to having Slack, Asana, and Trello in one package. The deal is available until December 17, 2019.

Use the code NIFTY20ANNUAL for annual subscriptions or NIFTY40MONTLY for monthly.

Get Nifty

NameCheap 🌎

Up to 99% off domains, hosting and more.

Check their landing page every hour during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to claim the deals.

See the NameCheap deals

VPNs & Online Security 🔒

A VPN is an essential tool for most nomads, travelers and expats. And while prices can seem high, there’s no better time of the year to invest in one than during the latter half of November.

NordVPN 🏔

Get 3 years for $3.49/month + 1 month free.

Definitely the best deal you can expect from them during the year. It has grown to become my personal favorite VPN service, as it hits that oh so sweet combination of performance and affordability—especially at this price. Click the link above to access the deal, or use coupon “tvdeal”.

Get the NordVPN deal

ExpressVPN 💨

Get an additional 3 months for free when you sign up for a year, a total savings of 49%.

While it’s not the craziest Black Friday deal out there, it is the best performing VPN I’ve used (and I’ve used lots).

The deal is available until December 15.

Get the ExpressVPN deal

VyprVPN 🐍

Get 82% off 2 year premium plan, or 71% off yearly.

Another long-standing VPN provider, which recently went through an external audit to demonstrate the effectiveness of their no-logging policy. They have brand new apps for nearly any platform, with great features such as automatically connecting to the VPN when on an untrusted WiFi network. In my experience they have OK speeds, but not as good as ExpressVPN or even NordVPN.

The deal is live, and will last until December 5th.

Get the VyprVPN deal

TorGuard 💂🏼‍♀️

Get a 50% lifetime discount on their already affordable VPN plans + 10GB encrypted email from PrivateMail. Use the coupon CYBER50.

TorGuard is perhaps not quite as good as NordVPN and ExpressVPN—especially their apps and connection speeds leaves a bit to be desired. However, at this price it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants a decent VPN service at a bargain price without committing for a long time ($30 for a year, $50 for two years).

Get the TorGuard deal

PureVPN 💧

Get 5 years for $99 ($1.65/mo).

This VPN provider has been around for a long time, and is in my opinion “OK”. I’m a bit concerned that they have been starting to sell cheap lifetime subscriptions recently, which I believe will negatively impact performance over time. And already today, both their performance and apps lag quite a bit behind the providers listed above. But if all you care about is price, and you don’t really use your VPN that often, it’s an option to consider.

Get the PureVPN deal

Speedify 🏎

Get 20% off the yearly plan ($38.30 instead of $47.88).

Speedify isn’t just a VPN, but can also “bond” together two or more internet connections you have available, such as a wireless network and the 4G on your phone. This can in many situations provide you with a more stable and faster connection in places wiss less than amazing internet connectivity.

Get the Speedify deal

Kaspersky Total Security 2020 🛡

Get 70% off the 12-month plan ($30 instead of $100) for 5 devices.

Thanks to Reddit user u/tidemp for sharing this deal!

Get the Kaspersky deal

Travel 🛫

Booking.com 🏨

Up to 40% off thousands of hotels worldwide, until Cyber Monday.

When traveling you obviosuly need a place to stay. Booking.com is my favorite booking site for short-term stays since they have by far the most inventory and best prices across the board. And with up to 40% off their already killer prices, what’s not to love?

Browse the Booking.com deal

Trusted Housesitters 🦮

25% off all membership plans (meaning $119 $89.25/year)—use coupon “BLACKFRIDAY25”.

The deal is simple—you take care of someone’s pets and house, and you stay there for free while they travel. Trusted Housesitters is the top housesitting platform, but it also comes at a premium cost—which is why it’s great to take advantage of the once-a-year discount!

Tip: You might save a lot by paying in a different currency. I recommend paying in Argentinian Peso, which at the moment is 76% cheaper than paying in US dollars.

Update: Reader Hélène correctly pointed out that you can get a 30% discount by using a referral code (for new members only). You can use her code RAF106991 (enter it when you get to the payment stage for an additional 5% off).

Join Trusted Housesitters


50% off TripIt Pro.

This is has been my favorite app for organizing travel for almost a decade. I’m a Pro subscriber at full price, at 50% off it’s a no-brainer.

Get TripIt Pro

Nomad List 🏝

50% off Nomad List’s lifetime membership ($74 instead of $149)—definitely worth it!

I assume most of you already know Nomad List, but if you don’t then definitely check it out. If you’re just starting out as a digital nomads it’s great for finding potential destinations, and the Slack chat is great for meeting fellow nomads when you’re in a new city on the other side of the planet.

Get Nomad List lifetime membership

Priority Pass 🍹

Get up to 40% off their membership plans.

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a quiet airport lounge with free flow of food and drinks, rather than in a cramped airport terminal? I know I do. If you can’t get PriorityPass through a bank/credit card provider it’s worth picking up during their BF sale.

Get Priority Pass

Scott’s Cheap Flights 🚀

Get 20% off their Premium plan from now until Cyber Monday.

I’ve been a long-time user of Scott’s Cheap Flights, and it’s one of my top ways of getting great airfares—and my favorite focused on flights departing the US. Unfortunately they no longer offer non-US departure destinations anymore, but if you’re based in the US don’t let this deal slip by…

Get Scott’s Cheap Flights

E-learning 👩🏻‍🎓

Udemy 👩🏻‍🏫

Nearly every course for $9.99 or less depending on your currency.

The Black Friday offer ran from November 22-29 and the Cyber Monday offer is live from December 2-6. No coupon code is required.

Browse Udemy courses

Travel Gear & Electronics 🛍

Amazon 🚚

Some examples (may vary per country):

There are so many deals on Amazon that I can’t possibly list them all. But if you need any travel gear or electronics (like noise-cancelling headphones, portable SSDs, etc) this weekend is the time to look for it. The Black Friday started a week before Black Friday, and will likely be followed by even more Cyber Monday deals.

Tip: For Amazon deals, copy the product URL into Camel Camel Camel to see how good the deal really is.

Browse all Amazon Black Friday deals

The Roost Stand 👩‍💻

Take 15% off when using the discount code “roost15off”.

Get the Roost Stand

Nomatic 🎒

Nomatic offers a range of travel backpacks from 25%-50% off this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Shop the Nomatic deals

Airlines ✈️

Lot’s of airlines offered Black Friday deals last year, and these have already launched their deals for this year’s “Black Flyday”:

  • Aer Lingus ☘️ — €100-200 off return flights between Europe and the US.
  • Air Canada 🇨🇦 — Up to 20% off a range of flights
  • Cathay Pacific 🇭🇰 — Up to 65% off flights
  • Delta 🇺🇸 - Select long-haul flights starting at $309
  • Emirates 🇦🇪 — Special Black Friday/Cyber Weekend fares
  • Finnair 🇫🇮 — Long-haul starting at €429 in Economy and €1399 in Business Class
  • Iberia 🇪🇸 — A wide range of “Color Friday” fares starting at only $272 for long-haul flights
  • Lufthansa 🇩🇪 — €30 off flights with the coupon ZRL6UB4O9COI.
  • Norwegian 🇳🇴 — Up to 30% off short-haul, 15% off long-haul, and 10% off Premium (with the code BLACKFRIDAY19)
  • Qatar Airways 🇶🇦 — $150 off economy and $300 off business class flights with the coupon FLYDAY
  • Ryanair 🇮🇪 — New destinations on sale every day during Cyber Week
  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰 — Long-haul flights starting at $276
  • Singapore Airlines 🇸🇬 — Long-haul starting at $499 in economy, $1,099 in premium economy, and $3,399 in business class.
  • Turkish Airlines 🇹🇷 — Up to 40% off
  • Wizz Air 🇭🇺 — Up to 30% off flights on Black Friday only.

Not all airlines have yet announced deals yet this year, but here’s a list of the ones that offered good deals last year (and are likely to do so again):

Other stuff

23andMe 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Get your DNA sequenced by 23andMe for up to 50% off.

It’s only $79 for the Ancestry package (normally $99), and $99 for the Health + Ancestry package (normally $199). Pretty cool gift idea! I personally got 5 of the these on Black Friday last year for my family. At least now I know for a fact that I’m not adopted…

Get 23andMe DNA testing kits

Let me know if you spot anything else worth sharing!

I’ll keep updating this article throughout the weekend, so please share any deals you’ve found below, and I’ll update this post.

Happy savings 🎉