Torre Santo António

⚠️ Important update: Real estate investments do no longer qualify for new Golden Visa applications starting October 7, 2023.

Image of Torre Santo António

Investment Amount: €350,000 · Exit: Guaranteed buyback · Annual income: 4.5% for the first 5 years (total of €78,750 paid 30 days after deed). 3% from the 5th year onwards (€10,500).

A unique palace resort 1h from Lisbon flanked by a 5-star resort with high end amenities, contact with nature, relax and comfort. Geometrically designed gardens, magnificent swimming pool, chapel, stables, a wine cellar, lakes, streams and a vast agricultural area. Inside the palace, splendid rooms with uniquely detailed fireplaces, painted ceilings and 19th-century tile panels. The origin of the property goes as far as the medieval time.

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