Learn more about available property investments qualifying for Golden Visa in Portugal

⚠️ Important update: Real estate investments will no longer qualify for the Golden Visa starting October 7, 2023. It may take some time for us to update all our relevant content. We’ll most likely continue keeping this real estate directory up to date in case you’re looking for a non-Golden Visa real estate investment in Portugal.

There are many options to consider for making a real estate investment in Portugal, with varying levels of risk and expected returns.

Many people prefer going a route with guaranteed buybacks and fixed annual income. These offers are designed to limit your downside risk, but the returns are usually modest. Keep in mind that these sorts of guarantees are only as strong as the company offering them, so it’s probably better to go with a company with a solid track record in Portugal and internationally. As a bonus, many of the companies offering these investments will help make your Golden Visa process as smooth as possible.

For other investors, it’s more important to get a good purchase price, and they are happy to accept more downside risk in return for keeping more of the potential upside. If this resonates with you, you’re likely better off working with a buyer’s agent that will help you source and sort through the various options. Some will even help you make a plan for maximizing your return on investment. Note that these services usually come at an additional cost (on top of the property purchase) but may help you save money on the purchase price and maximize your long-term returns.

Please select the projects and companies you’d like to learn more about and connect with below, and I’ll introduce you to the relevant people.

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