The ultimate list of Portuguese Golden Visa investment funds 🇵🇹

This is a continuously updated list of investment funds that meets the criteria for investors who are applying for the Golden Visa in Portugal.

In the past few years the “venture capital” investment fund option has gained a lot of popularity among Portugal Golden Visa investors, but it has been challanging to get a good overview over all the investment funds that are available in Portugal and that qualifies for the Golden Visa. This list of GV approved investment funds is my attempt at fixing this situation.

While I’m not permitted to share the marketing materials and prospectus of each investment fund in public, I can introduce you to representatives for each fund who will share this information with you directly.

Select each of the funds you’d like to learn more about:

All the funds above are regulated by the CMVM (the Portuguese Securities Market Commission). I’ve reached out to all the funds listed on their website to figure out which ones qualify for the Golden Visa—by far most don’t—so you don’t have to. If you anyway want to see the full list of funds, see the below link.

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